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Kin Knives

Kin knives handmade for your bespoke kitchen

Kin Handmade Knives In 1994 Tony Murland visited Japan to source quality Japanese woodworking tools, on the trip he saw some amazing kitchen knives that...

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Alderton Swan

The Alderton Swan public house & restaurant

In December 2015, the Alderton Swan was acquired by a closely-knit team of local investors comprising David & Amanda Fisher, Gary & Leila Miller and...

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utility room

The Utility Room

The utility room has evolved to reflect the growing size and versatility of kitchens. The increased stature of the kitchen as a social space in...

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The Hadleigh Ram has a fresh new Chef

The Hadleigh Ram is a bar & restaurant, part of Stuart Inns - a group founded by young entrepreneurs; Lorna, Oliver & Iain Macmillan. They...

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handmade kitchens

Handmade kitchens

At Anglia Factors Daniel Barr and the team have been designing, making and installing high-quality handmade kitchens, bathrooms, home cinemas and other bespoke interiors for more...

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The Woodbridge Shuck Shellfish Festival – A Feast of Local Food:

The Woodbridge Shuck Shellfish Festival is back for a fifth year, from 29th September to 2nd October. The Festival brings together an exciting programme of...

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The power of a steam oven

When you have taken the time to source the best ingredients, you will want to ensure that they are taken care of during the cooking...

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Dressing rooms

Dressing Rooms

Dressing rooms or walk-in wardrobes are the stuff of Hollywood films and stays in posh hotels. So it’s no surprise that we are seeing more...

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Ruby & Scarlet

Ruby & Scarlet – A passion for kitchens

Ruby & Scarlet is a stylish independent cookware store that opened on Felixstowe High Street on 5 November 2015. Owners Donna Johnston and Claire Noye...

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Home Office Colour Schemes

Home Office Colour Schemes are a new phenomenon for most people, a little like deciding where to position your satellite dish or park your second...

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