Handmade in Martlesham

All our cabinetry is made within our workshop, which is based right next door to our showroom in Suffolk. This allows us to have greater control of the project costs, timings and quality control and we work together as a team to find solutions and share innovative ideas.

We employ staff that are highly skilled and dedicated to producing wonderful furniture. They have a strong passion for the work they do and keep a cheery vibe, working together closely to ensure they deliver the best product possible. We also have a fantastic relationship with our community around us and try to use local and sustainable materials where possible.

We’re committed to staff development and are fortunate to have many experienced workers who are able to pass on their expertise. Apprentices and junior members of the team receive on-the-job training as well as structured learning opportunities.

Real-life case studies form a key part of our training programme. Learners can watch their mentors anticipate, navigate and overcome the unpredictable hurdles that can so easily derail or delay a project. These may include things such as a unique or complex project brief, working with tricky or scarce materials, gaining access to a site, or the state of existing wiring and plumbing utilities, to name just a few. In these situations, no matter how good the teaching, the success of each project will hinge on the lead tradesperson’s initiative and ability to adapt quickly and effectively to the situation presented. It’s this combination of attitude, knowledge and experience that delights customers, reinforces our reputation and ensures our future in the industry.