Home offices should let you concentrate in comfort while giving you the space you need to be productive, but getting this balance right isn’t always easy. We have been building and fitting home offices for decades and with our expertise we can help you create a space that looks good while still offering a professional, usable environment.

We understand that storage, lighting and the workspace itself are some of the most important factors in any home office, and we can also help you take into consideration aspects such as plug sockets, Wi-Fi access and various working set-ups.

We also know that in a family home, youngsters may want to use this office space for their own homework or online ventures – and we can help you create a family-friendly space with this in mind.

Through clever design and practical but attractive bespoke furniture, including desks, shelving and cabinetry, we can create a home workspace that is perfect for you and is in-keeping with your home, your taste and your requirements.

Utility & TV Rooms

At Anglia Factors, we provide bespoke interior options for customers across Suffolk and East Anglia. Whatever your requirements, we can offer a solution that fits in with your home and enhances and enriches your living environment. And, whether it’s a home cinema room you’re creating, a bespoke library area or a new pool house – we’re here to help.

Home cinemas

Grab some popcorn and sit back and relax – we’re here to ensure your new home cinema is a truly amazing addition to your property. With our expertise and design skill, we can ensure that this space will be luxurious, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and, thanks to a range of styles and options, unique to you.

Home libraries

If you’re an avid reader, a home library could be the ultimate way to complete your home. Our team’s knowledge and expertise means we can design, build and fit a beautiful home library that will let you show off all your books in style. From floor-to-ceiling shelving units or little reading nooks, we have you covered.

Dressing rooms

Are you fed up of having to search through piles of creased clothes or hunt through the back of a tiny wardrobe for something to wear? With our bespoke cabinetry services, we can make beautiful drawers, cupboards, hanging spaces, shoe racks and tie racks to create a spacious and beautifully designed area for your dressing needs. We can also build in added extras, such as trouser presses, mirrors, sinks and even TVs and speakers.

Boot rooms & utility rooms

We can help you create boot rooms and utility rooms to keep all your kitchen, pets and outdoor equipment organised and tidy. With our bespoke services, you can choose whatever design and layout suits your needs – so whether you need an area for your dog to sleep, somewhere to store a bicycle or space to do all your laundry, we can help.

Pool houses

If you’re investing in a pool house, we can show you how to take this luxurious space to another level. In the past we have designed and fitted kitchenettes, entertainment areas and shower and steam rooms all to work alongside swimming areas and we’re happy to work with your ideas to create something truly unique.