It’s time to shower in style with Drench

We’ve been ignoring our showers for too long. We take them for granted. I mean, they serve a purpose, and often all look the same. A bit of glass, a bit of chrome. You get the picture… functional but anonymous.

It’s been like that for decades, and we at Anglia Factors are bored of bland shower enclosures. So we’ve decided to change things. And we’re excited to announce we’ve become the Suffolk dealer of an innovative and exciting new range of shower units by UK manufacturer Drench.

Together we’re putting frameless glass showers firmly in second place. And thanks to Drench, something much more dynamic and exciting is emerging from the steam of an invigorating hot shower. Something more colourful, stylish, and an amazing focal point for your bathroom.

Going beyond functional

For Drench, the mission is simple. Rethink the role of the shower enclosure, and transform it from functional accessory into focal point.

Their bold new collection is all about laser-cut, powder coated aluminium sheets folded and welded around glass. It’s a unique idea, and ensures your shower area remains watertight in style.

“We’re delighted to be working with Anglia Factors,” says Drench’s Wayne Lyons. “Our shower enclosures fit in really well with the many other high-end and luxury brands on display in the Martlesham showroom. We think it’s time shower enclosures got a bold new rethink. And after several years of research and development, we’re now offering a great range of stylish designs that will liven up that once ignored space in the bathroom. Not only will these designs compliment the latest trends in bathroom design, but will give your bathroom a sleek look of its own.”

The style you deserve

At Anglia Factors, we think you deserve more than functional when it comes to designing the way your dream bathroom looks and feels. And the Drench UK based manufacturing team can craft a bespoke unit to fit your specifications, including options for design, colour and texture.

Ready to shower in style? Call us on 01473 610192 to arrange a visit to our Martlesham Showroom where we can show you a range of Drench shower enclosures.