Want a dream bedroom? Try these luxury ideas

On average, you spend around eight hours asleep in your bedroom each night. It’s the place you prepare yourself for the day, unwind in the evening, and where you go to find calm.

In fact, research suggests we’ll spend around 25 years of our lives in there. Which is why it’s vital to ask the questions… are you happy with your bedroom? Could your bedroom serve you better?

Here are some ideas for bringing a touch of luxury into your sleeping quarters.

Hanging in style

Where do you hang your clothes? Over a chair that’s never really been sat on? In piles next to a full chest of drawers? Or do you have storage that represents a different time in your life? Perhaps even caters for the needs of a previous homeowner?

Having a bespoke fitted cabinet designed for your clothes and needs is a great way to streamline your day, remove stress, and give you a place that’s truly your own. Fancy a walk-in wardrobe with full length mirrors and racking for every garment you own? Or your own private dressing room? We have lots of ideas for you.

Sleep in style

How you sleep can affect everything in your life, from your energy levels to your posture. Which means it’s vital to think about your bedroom. Good storage can make a difference, giving you a clean an uncluttered space that makes it easier to relax in. And having thick curtains can do wonders for controlling the light level.

But the most important elements are finding the right mattress and having the right bed. How old is your mattress? If we’re talking several years, it’s time to change, as they tend to lose their comfort and support. And size matters too. Getting a larger bed maximises the amount of space available, giving you and your partner plenty of room to spread out.

Private bathroom

Throw families, guests and children into the mix, and you’ll find the bathroom becomes very popular. So having your own en suite, with a shower or even a feature bath, can give you the privacy and sense of seclusion you need, no matter how many kids, or visitors, are running around the hallway.

It’s important to invest in things that are going to bring comfort and add value to your quality of life. Think of your bedroom as your nest, the place you renew yourself for further adventures. So invest in it and you’ll benefit from a sense of tranquillity, improved sleep and freedom from clutter.

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