Mastering the art of master bedroom compromise

Whether you’ve shared a bedroom for decades and are looking to redecorate, or moving in together and preparing to create a serene new sleeping space, you’ve probably already heard the special word. It’s a word that’s launched many a happy, stable, and restful homelife. That word is compromise, and whether you’ve mastered the art of it, or are still finding the right balance, it doesn’t have to mean settling for something neither of you want. Here are a few ideas for creating a couple’s bedroom that works for both of you.

Stay neutral

Rather than getting in moods with each other’s choices, gather around a mood board. In fact, visit our Martlesham showroom and we’ll show you ours. Decide which colours you like, or don’t like, and see which ones please you both. There’s usually a colour you can both agree on. Once you’ve settled on a background colour together, you’re halfway there.

Get personal. You want your collection of Japanese fans on the walls, he wants those framed maps he loves hanging on each wall. It’s going to look pretty hectic if you do both. So why not look at decoration that celebrates the life you’ve lived together? What about a gallery of family pictures of you with the kids, grandkids or even the dog? Your favourite wedding portrait? A happy holiday memory? After all, he can put the maps up in the study, and you can get the fans in the lounge. And your bedroom will seem all the more personal for it.

Look around you

See what styles, trends and ideas you can find out there. A visit to our showroom will give you plenty of inspiration to take home and sleep on… quite literally. The more ideas you look at together, the more chance you’ll find themes, furniture and bed frames make you both go ‘wow!’ at the same moment.

Take it slowly

If you’re decorating a new house, what’s the rush? Give yourself a chance to warm to each other’s tastes and see beyond the trends of the moment. Take time to figure out what you both really want from your bedroom. His ideas may grow on you, and yours on his. He may decide it’s a better idea to showcase his collection of Star Wars memorabilia in the downstairs bathroom, and accept that he can live with your colour scheme in the bedroom after all. That way both of you can enjoy your beautiful new bedroom for years to come.

Looking to decorate or reimagine your master bedroom? Visit Anglia Factor’s Martlesham showroom to get some material for the bedroom of your dreams.