How to fluff up an empty nest

Wave goodbyeWhen the kids go to university, an empty nest can be an emotional time. It doesn’t seem that long since you taught them to ride their bike, but now they’ve gone further than the end of the road, and they don’t need you to hold the seat anymore. What they’ve got in store is several years of fun, hard work, and personal growth. And when they pop back, they won’t have much in common with the youth that insisted on pinning that Justin Bieber poster to their wall.
And they shouldn’t be the only ones shaping their future, because this is the perfect time to rethink their old bedroom, and turn it into the space you’ve always wanted. Here’s some inspiration.
 A luxury guest room
 15488Okay, the kids may have vanished, but they’ll be back, especially with Christmas holidays looming. So maybe it’s time to update the furnishings, remove that single bed and take a look at the wallpaper, especially if they’ve used blue-tac to stick posters to the walls.
Anglia Factors can design, construct and create the perfect guest suite that can not only house those young adult children between life stages, but also be a fitting place to stay for any number of house guests. A perfect excuse to start entertaining relatives and old friends!
Hobby room
Is it time to bring the train set in from the shed and give it the room it, and you, deserve? What about that long wished for games room? Or a room for sewing, movies, music or painting? If it’s time for that hobby room to become a reality, talk to us about what you need. Our furniture is designed and hand-made to your specific requirements.
And don’t let phrases like games room scare you. A relaxing space with comfy chairs, a cinema sized screen and even a drinks fridge can turn the kid’s old bedroom into a deluxe entertaining room, suitable for anybody who likes to sit back and relax, no matter what their ages or gender.
_K0V2593Many an avid reader can trace the stages of their life through books. But books take up space, and too often those treasured books end up gathering dust in the loft. So whilst your child is off doing all that book learning, no doubt on a screen of some sort, perhaps now is the time to make use of that extra space and turn it into a private library. Whatever the volume of volumes you want to display, Anglia Factors can build and fit stylish shelves that will show off your books in fine style. And don’t forget the centrepiece of the room; the perfect easy chair to while away a relaxing few hours with a classic novel.
 Home Office
5419We’ve mentioned this previously, and if you’re thinking of making the move to working from home, or you’ve already been working from home, the sudden availability of space may allow you to move the laptop from the kitchen table and give yourself the space you need to do your work.
And work doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. We can design, build and fit a professional office that suits your needs, and looks the way you want it to. It’s no secret that people are most efficient when they’re in a comfortable environment.
 Time to make that change?
 Like we said at the start, an empty nest is a great opportunity to do something exciting with your spare room. So whatever designs you have, we’ve got the team that can turn your ideas into plans. Pop in and see us or call us on 01473 610192, we’re here to help….