100 Beautiful Kitchens features AF

100 beautiful kitchens100 Beautiful Kitchens is a national magazine from Period Ideas that comes out at least once a year and covers a variety of kitchens spanning the gamut of styles; Modern, Farmhouse, Individual and Classic. We contribute a number of our projects over the year and it was a pleasant surprise to see a number featured.
100 beautiful kitchensPress like this is useful in bringing our designs to wider notice but it doesn’t get close to describing the full range of services that we offer. Bespoke interiors take a great deal of planning and skill in design, manufacture and installation. These end products reflect painstaking days of discussion and thought with you, the client, having an active say in how good we look.
100 beautiful kitchensThe kitchens here are just a few of the many that we install every year and reflect the editors judgement about what they think will challenge, provoke and generally inspire their readers. The reality is that most customers want a tasteful kitchen that is functional for their needs, looks great and comes within their budget. very few people want a kitchen that will set new standards of design creativity or win a national design prize.
100 beautiful kitchensWe recognise that and design our kitchens, and other interiors, around what the client wants. Consequently you probably won’t see us winning any design awards – we measure our success in the high number of customers that return to us or recommend others to use us.