What Milan taught me about your kitchen

MilanRecently I went to Milan for EuroCucina, the International Kitchen Furniture Exhibition – and the place to be if you want to see what the kitchen of 2017 will look like. I had a wonderful and inspiring time taking in the cutting edge of cutting boards, so to speak. Interestingly, what’s around the corner for high quality kitchens is less corners and more curves, with beautiful oval kitchen islands, and handleless draws and cupboards. Whilst faithful old granite still remains a good choice for many worktops, you’re just as likely to get Corian and quartz finishes. Do drop into our Martlesham showroom where we can show you in more detail.

Timeless style

MilanBeing surrounded by all these exciting innovations and styles put me in a philosophical mood. Strolling around Milan helped too. I took in the mixture of architecture this beautiful city offered, a classical palazzi here, a gothic church there, an ultramodern office block next to an art deco hotel. Somehow it all fitted together.
Why? Because these buildings were designed by the best people of their time, and as the eras moved on they became classics of their style. Which made me think about kitchen design trends, and all these innovations and new style choices EuroCucina had to offer. Helping satisfy that craving for newness people seem to have. How do you balance that innovation with a style that doesn’t date?

Kitch-in not Kitsch-en

MilanWhen you spend thousands of pounds on a kitchen, you probably expect it to last a decade, at least. Probably longer. Your kitchen has an important function, of course. It’s the engine room of your dinner party, or the place Sunday dinner is magically conjured up for the extended family. Cutting-edge innovations and technological advances can make every task easier.
What I want Anglia Factors to give you is more than function. We offer you style that will last the distance. Your own Piazza del Duomo to prepare your pizza. A trendy curved quartz counter from 2017 that’ll be just as desirable and durable in 2027. We’ll give you the beautiful gloss and traditional designs this next year will bring, and let the rest of it drain away down your quality Corian sink.
Anglia Factors embraces the best in modern kitchen design trends and gives you timeless style. Visit www.bhdemo.co.uk/afmigrate or call us on 01473 610192 and we’ll design a new kitchen for a new year.