The pros and cons of a garage to home office conversion

Are you (or your spouse) getting tired of using the kitchen table as a makeshift desk? Need a more professional looking backdrop for those regular conference calls? Or simply need a private space to write your masterpiece? Then parking your home office in your garage is the way forward.

It can be an effective way to boost your living space, privacy and even add value to your property. So before you look at the amazing bespoke home offices Anglia Factors can help you design and build, let’s look at the the pros and cons of converting your garage into a home office.

Pro: Maximises your living space.

You’re losing a place to put your car, but who needs a car if you’re working from home? Besides, who parks their car in the garage these days anyway? Classic car enthusiasts, perhaps, but for most people, the driveway suffices.

Cons: Giving up your storage ‘black hole.’

Many people these use their garage for storage. A good old sort out can usually free up a lot of that space, however. If you have the space on your property, a strong and secure shed can be a great alternative to garage storage.

Pros: Quicker and less costly than a kitchen redesign.

This is good for your budget, with reduced labour costs, its also good for your timeframe. From design to finishing, you could be in your office in a matter of weeks.

Cons: Increased heating costs.

Depending on the style and materials used in your current garage, you may need to think about ensuring your home office design has enough light, warmth and protection from damp. Beyond increased heating costs, you could find yourself paying for damp repair further down the line.

Pros: Potentially adds value to a house with plenty of driveway.

Like we say, garages aren’t always first choice for parking cars nowadays. If you’ve got a driveway, then removing the garage and adding an extra living space is only going to increase the value of your property.

Cons: If you’re cutting out car parking potential on your property, buyers may be put off.

Look at other houses for sale on your street. Are those with garages selling faster, or for more? It may be an issue, it may not, but if you’re thinking about selling in the medium or even long term, it’s worth factoring in before conversion work begins.

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