Do you struggle to sleep? Wool bedding could be the answer

Research shows wool bedding can relieve numerous sleep problems to provide a more refreshing and comfortable night’s sleep. The Woolroom’s Bob Wilden explains how he came to be a champion for wool bedding and the benefits it brings.
Bob Wilden has been a sheep farmer in Suffolk for decades. He and his wife Niki were keen to try out the benefits of wool as a material for bedding – including temperature control, relief from allergies, night sweats and circulation problems. “We started out by buying and using the bedding ourselves. I loved that the wool is from the eastern counties, including my own. The more we learned about the benefits, the more it became a ‘must’ for us to bring it to East Anglia. That’s how Woolroom East Anglia was born.”
Harmony for bed-sharers
Wool duvets are ideal for temperature regulation. Two people sharing a duvet will find the natural fibre allows each person to regulate their own temperature, reducing the age-old problem of one person being too hot while the other is too cold.
Relief from snoring
Allergy related snoring can be triggered from dust mites in feather or synthetic duvets and pillows. Dust mites can’t live in wool, so it could help reduce snoring.
Hygienic relief from night sweats
With wool bedding able to absorb around a third of its weight in body moisture, it offers relief from night sweats. The bedding then releases the moisture back into the atmosphere. It’s hygienic, and keeps you comfortable even if you suffer from night sweats and Woolroom’s deluxe range is machine washable.
Allergy UK seal of approval
Woolroom is the only wool bedding manufacturer to be awarded the Allergy UK seal of approval. It’s resistant to dust mites, their allergens, and fungus build ups. Whilst there is other anti-allergy bedding around, Woolroom’s is proven effective without the need for freezing or high temperature washing.
The science of sleep
The Polytechnic of Wales did a study on sleeping under wool and found that heart rate readings on test subjects sleeping under wool were statistically lower. A more relaxed heart rate suggests a more restful sleep. With wool bedding, you’re looking at 25% more stage 4 sleep, that’s the deeper sleep you need to feel refreshed.
Woolroom East Anglia
Visit the Woolroom’s sleep studio in Bramford near Ipswich. It’s very different to the large department store experience most people will have had. Buying new bedding shouldn’t be a rushed decision, because on average people spend something like four months of every year in bed.
Taking the time to understand our bedding, and how it can alleviate allergies, provide deeper sleep, and allow you to have a more comfortable night, is very important. We have different price ranges, so you can choose how much you want to invest in a good night’s sleep. We invite people to visit us and try out our mattresses and bedding range in an informal, welcoming setting.
The Woolroom Sleep Studio in Bramford is open Tuesday and Thursday, 10-4. Or phone 01473 831723 or 07477090745 to arrange a visit at other times, including weekends and evenings.