Splashbacks move forwards

Splashbacks are pushing their way forwards in kitchen design. Having started out as a way to protect painted walls from fat splashes, mixer spills and greasy smears they have benefited from a genesis in worktops to become style items in their own right.
It makes sense; splashbacks – being vertical surfaces – are proxy walls and, just as walls deserve expensive paint and wallpaper so splashbacks have attracted natural materials as well as the traditional waterproof paint or tiles. They are one of the first things people see when they walk into your kitchen and so it’s entirely appropriate that they should look good.
We have noticed a strong increase in extending the work surface up the wall, especially behind hobs when they can extend as far as the bottom of an equally fashionable extractor. The effect produces a thoroughly modern workstation for the domestic chef. Time was that it was fashion to have a granite worktop and these are still popular. We have seen an increase in demand for quartz and composite stone surfaces available in 30mm or 20mm thicknesses and, because they are manufactured, they are infinitely reproducible.  As they thinner and available in different colours and styles they are ideal to be extended up the wall as splashbacks.
SplashbacksBrands that we have fitted recently include Silestone, Cimstone and Caesarstone but Arenastone and Novastone are also available. As for colour black and grey quartz splashbacks, popular in Europe, are catching on in the UK and make an attractive contrast to the whites and creams traditionally used in kitchens.
SplashbacksAlso on trend are toughened glass splashbacks where the choice of colours is infinite. We recently fitted a bright turquoise glass splashback which is a striking accent colour in an otherwise white modern kitchen.
Tiles are also coming back into fashion. They can add texture and colour to a kitchen taking it from the ordinary to the exceptional. Available in a wide variety of colours, finishes and sizes tiles are a subject all on their own but they make great splashbacks.
SplashbacksSplashbacks have moved from the practical to the ornamental and deserve a special place in your new kitchen project.