Smaller room style

Utility rooms can have panache too

_K0V1485An active life can bring a lot of chaos into your house. We’ve previously mentioned the importance of having a serene and restful bedroom, which also means having a clear, uncluttered space. But in practice, an active social, professional and family life can mean clothes are strewn on the floor, shoes are left all over the house, and equipment is left wherever it’s dropped.
At Anglia Factors, we love to embrace this chaos, and will happily turn even your least loved rooms, outhouses, and cubby holes into brilliant bespoke storage and utility areas. As you’ll see, even a tiny space can be turned into something both practical and beautiful.

Make room for dressing

_K0V7475If your bedroom is the main stage, then it makes sense to give yourself a dressing room to make your preparations. Reports suggest that the average person spends an hour a day getting dressed and undressed, so it’s well worth setting aside a special place where you can decide how you want to present yourself to the world.
Whatever your requirements, we can create bespoke cabinetry that stores your clothes in pristine condition, and allows you to peruse what combination you want to try for that day – or night.
15239-e1449854637824We’ll design the drawers, cupboards, shoe and tie racks that fit exactly into your dressing room, and make the most of the space, whilst making the space beautiful. And don’t forget those full length mirrors, so you can see your back and front, and be really sure you’re ready to take on the outside world.
If you’ve got the space, there’s no limit to what we can achieve. Sinks, trouser presses, and even audio and video equipment can be fitted by our specialists to ensure maximum comfort as you deal with the complexities of what shirt goes best with those shoes.

Time to de-boot and de-clutter

A busy house, especially one with children, is a house that has shoes. And if you don’t find a place for those shoes, they will multiply and take over rooms they don’t belong in, and clog up stairways. Also, if you’re a sporty household, it can be hard to find a decent place to store everything.
_K0V8062webThe simple solution is often best, and a well-positioned boot cabinet can hide all the sins of dirty trainers and brogues in one unique solution, whilst looking elegant and discreet. And if you shoot, you need a gun cabinet. Or a place for those golf clubs. We have storage solutions that ensure all these things have their place, and don’t just slump in whichever rooms they’ve been placed.

Utility rooms don’t have to be utilitarian

Image_8738White goods such as washing machines and tumble dryers do a vital job in any house, but they’re big and can be noisy, and may dominate a room. Now, we doubt making that utility room the most glamorous part of the house is probably not what you’re after. However, as with the time you take getting dressed, you likely spend a good portion of your life in and out of the utility room. If you’re going to put your dirty laundry somewhere, it may as well be into bespoke measured and fitted baskets.  And even if you hate those household chores (and who doesn’t?), then we can at least use our design expertise to make your time in there as easy as possible.
Is it time to clean up your laundry room? Or boot out your boot area and get something more bespoke and beautiful? Visit our showroom or call us on +44 (0)1473 610192 and we’ll help you make your home even more homely.