Should technology be banned in the bedroom?

We’re living in the future and losing sleep because of it. The place we come to rest has been infiltrated by social media, news alerts and emails from colleagues that hit your inbox ten seconds after your head hits the pillow. Changing work patterns and the prevalence of smartphones means we’re rarely disconnected from the outside world. Which means it’s our responsibility to curb the impact this technology has on our wellbeing. And the best place to make that stand is where we go to lie down.

In fact, allowing technology to creep into our bedrooms isn’t just detrimental to our sleep patterns. It’s also been blamed for weight gain, damaging our relationships and raising our stress levels.

Which is why banning smartphones from our bedrooms is the first step to a better night’s sleep. And if you’re about to say you need your phone’s alarm to wake you up in the morning then let’s compromise: Keep your phone, but disconnect from wi-fi until the morning. It’s a baby step that may help you sleep like a baby.

Once you’ve done that, Anglia Factors have a few more tips for creating a serene sleeping space.

Mattress matters

If your current mattress is several years old, it may be time to get a replacement. Choosing a mattress that’s somewhere between sturdy and comfortable, breathable yet solid is the first step in the battle against the sandman. And whilst you’re at it, don’t neglect your pillows. There’s plenty of choice these days, from firm neck supports to goose feathers. Finding that perfect pillow will save you a lot of back and shoulder pain. Oh, and treat yourself to some fresh sheets and change them regularly. After all, sleeping on fresh sheets is one of life’s simple pleasures.

Find your soothing shade

Read any style supplement, and somebody will tell you that pale grey is the perfect colour for sleep. Check back the next week and a different expert will be flying the flag for calming green. Every expert will tell you something different, so consult someone who truly understands what colours soothe your mind: yourself. Maybe you find dark red relaxing. Perhaps a jungle green gets you snoring. Whatever your choice, remember, it’s your personal space. And finding the right colour scheme for your tastes is a large part of the battle when it comes to a refreshing night of sleep.

Unclutter your sleeping quarters

Calm thoughts come from a calm environment. A pile of laundry on top of a chest of drawers, a mound of shoes by the door, a pile of letters on your bedside table… all take away from the sense of serenity you deserve. Take the time to clear the floors, surface tops and tables in your bedroom. It’ll help create a sense of calm and order, which will encourage a sounder sleep.


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