Retire in luxury with these home improvement ideas

Retirement brings a new importance to your home. And with more time on your hands for projects and plans (and of course a little well deserved self-indulgence), it’s a good time to think about how your house can offer you maximum comfort and luxury in the years and decades ahead.
Reshuffle your rooms
As we get older, we tend to sleep less well. Some of that can be down to our increased sensitivity to noise, a mattress that doesn’t support you properly, being too hot or too cold or the anxiety induced by clothes strewn over chairs or shoes taking over the floor space.  This can all add up to a disturbed night’s sleep without you realising.
It’s also a great excuse to think about a bedroom refit. What’s the quietest part of the house? Ask Anglia Factors about not only rearranging your sleeping quarters, but give them a bespoke makeover with some extra luxuries. A fitted wardrobe or dressing area can add a sense of style, order and space to a room, for instance. Or hand-crafted cabinets with inbuilt entertainment units are ideal for relaxed mornings watching your favourite shows from the comfort of your new bed.
Feather an empty nest
Even pre-retirement, the kids may have flown the nest. An emotional time, to be sure, but they don’t have to be the only ones shaping their future. Now they’ve gone, it’s the perfect time to rethink their old bedroom. Fancy a luxury guest room? A hobby or craft room? Or even a library or reading room with bespoke shelving?
Besides, having Anglia Factors design, redecorate and refit a guest room is the perfect excuse to start entertaining.
Update your home to suit the new you
Our homes can sometimes reflect an older lifestyle. Do you need your home office as much as you once did? What about turning it into a bedroom or playroom for the grandchildren when they come to stay (and get spoiled)? Looking to add a touch of decadence to the bathroom? What about a large roll top bath and a heated towel rail?
How easy is access to your shower? If it’s over your bathtub, it may be worth thinking about changing things around and getting a lower access, separate shower that you can enter with ease.
With retirement, you’ll have more time to rediscover old hobbies, or find new ones, such as entertaining, outdoor pursuits or time to read and learn. Would a bootroom for the fishing, hiking or dog accoutrement be a helpful addition? What about an entertainment room to enjoy movies?
Practical changes
You should also look at how efficient your kitchen is. It could be time to refresh that kitchen to suit you better. Are cabinets too high? Does the sink hurt your back? Is it time for a specialist wine rack? Would a sofa area in the kitchen make life easier? Anglia Factors can design, build and fit your dream kitchen. Using bespoke materials, hand crafted and made to measure, all designed with your needs in mind. Fancy a kitchen island? A cosy breakfast nook? Surfaces made with high end finishes from a great selection of materials?
Is it time to treat yourself to a kitchen that’ll look great, stand the test of time, and fit in with the needs of your retirement years.
Retirement is a great opportunity to do something exciting with your home. Simplify, change and reshape it to fit around your life.  Visit our showroom or call us on 01473 610192.