Home Offices

Home offices should let you concentrate in comfort while giving you the space you need to be productive. Storage, lighting and workspace are two key factors in designing a home office that is practical. In the modern age, you also need plenty of plug sockets and access to the internet, which may involve a wifi booster of some description.

Beyond these core elements comes the style, layout and individual requirements. We have been building and fitting home offices for decades and can create a space that looks good while still offering a professional, usable environment.

Through clever design and practical but attractive bespoke furniture, including desks, shelving and cabintry, we will create a home workspace that is perfect for you and is in-keeping with your home, your taste and your requirements. A heady combination of style and practicality.

So for designers, novelists, accountants and any other professional, we’ve got you covered.

And it’s not just for business, a family computer area can be just as important. In some cases this area is best suited to the kitchen but, if you’re prepared to share your office place, this can keep things nicely separate.

Whatever your requirements, give us a call on +44 (0)1473 610192