Dressing Rooms

When you consider how much time in a lifetime you spend getting dressed and undressed it’s no surprise that some of our clients ask us to make their dressing rooms special places.

On thumbing through those glossy magazines or having a flick through Pinterest, it’s always the opulent celebrity wardrobes and dressing areas that seem so beautiful and desirable. These spacious, beautifully displayed wardrobes can be yours too.

We can make your ablutions a breeze and dressing a dream. You just need to tell us what you would love and we’ll design something that will make you feel so special you’ll be looking for excuses to change your clothes – or dare we say it, put away the laundry!

Our bespoke cabinetry can store your clothes in a manner that keeps them in tip top condition. We make beautiful drawers, cupboards, hanging space, shoe racks, tie racks and can build in trouser presses, mirrors, sinks, TVs and speakers. All to turn a daily chore into an enjoyable oasis of pleasure.

Some basic tips to get you started…talk to our designers for a personalised consultation at our showroom near Ipswich in Suffolk.

  • Think hard about the lighting you will want and perhaps have a few brightness options
  • A long mirror is crucial. Consider a magnifying mirror or dressing table for makeup etc
  • Neutral walls will help make smaller spaces seem lighter and more spacious. Statement wallpaper can add character
  • What about furniture, a chair or sofa perhaps or a statement lamp to add style
  • Organising and segmenting your closet is the fun bit, we can make your cupboards any shape or size, so spend some time thinking about what would work best for you – and then get in touch!