Neff recipe helpers

A few Neff recipe ideas from it’s video collection. We install a lot of Neff ovens and hobs and, say what you like about them, they never cease to come up with more creative ideas. Here are a few videos from Neff demonstrating some attractive features of their range. These Neff recipe ideas demonstrate time-saving features that also make cooking more enjoyable and successful. You shouldn’t have to worry about the kit you use so that you can concentrate on the creative process and end product! If you want to discuss any of this then come along to our showroom, we’d be delighted to see you.
Your food is always visible without having to open the oven door. A special light distribution in the oven door provides an increased level of effective lighting on all cooking levels and brightly illuminates even the farthest corner of your oven without annoying reflections.

High quality control for effortless power selection. The new TwistPadFire® makes cooking on your induction cooktop effortless. Simply point your TwistPadFire® towards the cooking zone you wish to use and activate it with a slight touch.

Pull out, lift up and serve. It’s as simple as that with ComfortFlex®.

Cook a three course meal in one go without flavours intermingling. With CircoTherm® you can cook, roast and bake on all levels simultaneously, creating a whole menu of completely different dishes without flavours intermingling.

The unique NEFF Slide&Hide ® oven door ensures easy access to your cooking, providing a safe, stylish and convenient addition to your kitchen.