Neff: Full steam ahead! Oven baking in its purest form

We don’t mind saying it, we love Neff.  We love their ovens, we love their hobs, their microwaves….. we could go on.  We have always found their innovative range to be reliable and versatile, allowing our creative juices to flow, making life in the kitchen a real pleasure.

We often talk about the Neff’s range of Slide and Hide ovens, with its ergonomic design and disappearing door, the exciting design combines safety with a professional cooking experience. However there is something about these ovens that is really causing a buzz here at Anglia Factors, exciting even the most experienced of cooks (and carpenters!).

Steaming. Yes, we said it. An oven with the ability to steam food. Its true! within the the range of Neff Slide and Hide ovens there is a little gem, the revolutionary Fullsteam® and VarioSteam® functions, which enables the finest steam cooking, creating the perfect amount of moisture to cook your pizza’s, bread, meat, fish and vegetables.

Steam cooking – what is it?!

Basically, it’s a moist based cooking method, when water is boiled above boiling point to become steam. Steam cooking is a perfect way to cook most foods, with the best bit being that it retains all of those special nutrients, creating a wonderfully healthy meal whilst keeping all the fabulous flavours. Steaming preserves 90% of the antioxidants in fresh vegetables and preserves those important B & C vitamins. Just to reiterate the healthy aspect, and as if you didn’t know, no fats are required when you’re cooking with steam. Convinced yet?

Fullsteam® Oven

The Fullsteam® function gives you the ability to cook your food with 100% steam and nothing else. It creates a delicate flavour to the food, with food retaining its moisture, colour and texture. With a concealed water tank that can slip out easily, this really is the purest method of cooking,


VarioSteam gives dishes the perfect amount of moisture, which can be used when baking or roasting. The steam jet has three intensity levels, which allows the cook to reheat a dish at low level, or roast a chicken at the high level. Food doesn’t dry out, which means you are guaranteed to serve your family and friends, succulent, moist meat, with a golden, crispy, wonderfully light skin.


The steam functionality is included within the range of unique NEFF Slide&Hide® , with its disappearing door, which fits smoothly under the oven, giving you more space and easier access.

We can incorporate a Neff Slide & Hide Oven, with steam functionality, into your new Anglia Factors kitchen or simply provide a replacement oven for your existing kitchen. Either way, call us or call in to talk it through with one of our experts.

Neff Slide & Hide Ovens come in a variety of ranges to suit your cooking style.