What do NEFF customers love to do in their kitchens?

Experiment! For NEFF Cookaholics, cookbooks are never followed to the letter. We experiment, innovate and fuse new textures and flavours. Of course, as with all creative cooking, a little mess is all just part and parcel of the process. That’s where the new Slide&Hide® oven with high-temperature pyrolytic cleaning comes in. Simply activate the cleaning cycle to turn oven spatter and spillages to ash. (Light oven residue takes 1 hr 15 minutes to clean, medium residue takes 1 hr 30 minutes, and heavy residue takes 2 hours).

Once the cycle is complete and the oven has cooled, the door will unlock, allowing you to simply wipe away the ash residue with a cloth. It’s that simple.

What are customers changing about their kitchens?

NEFF Cookaholics expect everything in their kitchen to be built-in for that flush, seamless finish. Our fully integrated dishwashers with DoorOpen Assist are increasingly popular. Completely handle-less, the door opens by gently applying pressure to the front of the panel. And while you wouldn’t even know there’s a dishwasher built into your kitchen design, NEFF dishwashers are packed with features to take care of your most delicate glassware alongside your dirtiest, most-utilised pots and pans.
Take NEFF Sparkle® for example. NEFF Sparkle® can be trusted with your most delicate glassware. Wine glasses won’t get shunted around the machine and gentle drying mitigates streaky residue. For really dirty casserole dishes and baking trays, Chef70° comes into play, providing a more powerful spray and higher, grime-busting temperatures.

What’s the must have kitchen gadget?

Warming drawers are a must for the serious cook. Naturally, they’re ideal for keeping crockery and cooked food warm before serving, but they also provide the ideal environment for preparing a variety of foods. Proving breads, melting chocolate and making yoghurt are just some of the ways to utilise the NEFF warming drawer.
Using SeamlessCombination strips (available to use with selected Premium Collection ovens and compact appliances), it’s possible to beautifully line up both our 14cm drawers and 29cm drawers with your single oven or compact oven too.

Could you be the next NEFF Cookaholic?

NEFF have joined forces with MasterChef finalist Stacie Stewart to launch the first UK search for the Next Cookaholic. To enter the competition, simply visit www.neff.co.uk/nextcookaholic and upload your signature recipe or creative twist. If you make the shortlist, you’ll be invited to take part in a finalist’s cook-off at The Big Feastival over the August Bank Holiday Weekend.
The winner will receive a kitchen’s worth of premium NEFF appliances and will have the opportunity to join our Cookaholics panel.
The competition closes on 1st August 2016. Terms and conditions apply.

What makes NEFF unique?

Slide&Hide® – The only oven with the disappearing door
Get closer to your cooking with the stylish and innovative Slide&Hide® oven door. Sliding away neatly under the oven, the disappearing door allows you to baste, taste and monitor your food throughout the cooking process. With no awkward angles, kitchen space is maximised and the risk of catching hands and arms is minimised.

CircoTherm® – Cook a three course meal without any intermingling of flavours
All NEFF ovens feature our CircoTherm® forced air cooking system. Allowing you to simultaneously cook completely different dishes on all four levels, every dish will come out tasting like it’s supposed to.

FullSteam – All the benefits of a steamer and a conventional oven
Our new FullSteam oven combines all of the heating modes of a conventional oven with those of a steam cooker. Vegetables come out fresh, vitamins are retained and flavours are beautifully intensified. With both FullSteam and VarioSteam® settings available, ask us how steam-assisted cooking can enhance your favourite dishes.

Healthy eating has never been easier

VarioSteam® – Innovative steam assistance
VarioSteam® gives dishes the perfect moisture boost by adding steam at three intensity levels. Ideal for baking, roasting or simply re-heating, dishes come out with a more intense flavour and an appetising appearance. With all NEFF VarioSteam® ovens featuring CircoTherm® technology, it’s even possible to cook meat, desserts and vegetable dishes across all four levels. With no intermingling of flavours, each course will come out tasting like it’s supposed to.
Pyrolytic cleaning – The oven that almost cleans itself
Spend time cooking, not cleaning with high temperature pyrolytic cleaning. Once the pyrolytic setting is activated, roasting and grilling spatter is blitzed to ash, allowing you to simply wipe away the residue once the oven has cooled.
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