Make big changes to your smallest room

Dissatisfied with your bathroom décor? Is your shower making you sigh? Are you sick of fixing problems and simply want to replace those fixtures? If you’ve reached the point where you’re pulling your hair out over your current bathroom, it may be time to think about making large changes to the smallest room.

Water or structural damage

If you’re seeing a lot of leaks, mould or mildew, something isn’t right. Are you noticing unpleasant smells when you unwind in the bath? As your bathroom infrastructure ages, so do those hidden pipes and fittings and as the problems and costs mount up, it may become time to throw out the baby with the bathwater and draw up some fresh plans.

It never looks clean, even when you clean it

Is your white bathtub greyer than you’d like? Do your taps never quite reflect your face like they once did? The simple wear and tear that comes with many years of heavy use in an often wet environment will take a toll.

Do these five words inspire dread?

“Which way to the bathroom?”

Laugh or not, but the old cliché is true. Before we have guests over, we like to make sure our bathroom is at its best. If you’re finding that your best clean up efforts still leave you insecure about your bathroom, it can put you off your socialising game. And if those five words fill you with fear, that’s a sure sign you need to rethink your bathroom.

Storage woes

Even the most minimal seeming bathroom needs storage. After all, that minimal look comes from having everything stored away in a proper place. And with good storage, it gives you more space to work with. A bigger vanity cabinet can give you the room you need to tuck your toiletries away. At Anglia Factors, we can find you a creative and integrated way to store your bathroom items, towels and even linens. Often, as bathrooms age, and our needs change, we bring in extra storage, and that can lead to a cluttered look. A new design, with storage already accounted for, can really bring out the most from the space you have available.

A bathroom upgrade is an investment

Selling in the short or medium-term future? A modern bathroom can sell a house. It can also add to the market value of your property. If you aren’t selling, it’ll add value to your life, rejuvenate your lifestyle, and add a sense of luxury that will allow you to fall in love with your bathroom all over again.

Whether you’re upgrading your bathroom for the sake of a house move, your peace of mind, or for aesthetic reasons, visit our showroom for design ideas and help.