KitchenAid's black magic

Here at KitchenAid, we have just launched the UK’s first full range of kitchen appliances in pure brushed black stainless steel.
KitchenAidDesigned to stand out, the KitchenAid Black Stainless Steel range offers kitchen lovers a bold aesthetic, underpinned by our brand’s unwavering dedication to professional performance. It’s a new, distinctive collection for the passionate cook with an eye for detail.
For millennia the colour black has been a symbol of style and mystery. From the use of black kohl by Ancient Egyptian nobility, to the introduction of the ‘little black dress’ by Coco Chanel in more recent history, black has been used as a sign of simple quality, framing and focusing the eye to draw attention. Long a symbol of independence and individuality, the use of black in the home offers the chance to make a dramatic, yet classic, statement. And now, homeowners can, for the first time, do so via their choice of appliances.
We believe design aficionados will love the stainless steel exterior, hand brushed in black for a unique, warm effect and the sleek, quality finish will impress even the hardest to please house guests.
What’s more, each product in the new range is finished with anti-fingerprint technology, an innovative treatment that will protect appliances from fingerprints and smudges to ensure you have an easy to clean kitchen, always looking its best.
Like everything from KitchenAid, each appliance in the Black Stainless Steel range represents the perfect mix of professional performance, artisan quality and iconic design.
We are sure that KitchenAid fans and new consumers alike will not be disappointed. From the thirty-three functions of the Twelix Artisan Oven to the 10 sous-vide cooking functions of the Combi Steam Oven, the KitchenAid Black Stainless Steel range combines KitchenAid performance with elegant, stylish design.
Launching end of November, products will be available to purchase from Anglia Factors.
Black Tie Mixer
KitchenAidOur new mixer marks both a celebration and evolution of the iconic kitchen essential’s 85 available colours and finishes. Inspired by the 1937 redesign of the stand mixer by Egmont Arens, this collectable is made of the most premium quality materials, including die-cast zinc, satin and black chrome and finished with a stunning cast iron like texture.
The Black Tie Stand Mixer is now available and only 200 Stand Mixers will be sold in the UK.  Each mixer is individually numbered on the custom trim band, for an extra personal touch and each limited edition product will include a commemorative card signed by John McConnell, Senior Design Manager for KitchenAid small appliances and Ken Hossler, Senior Director of Manufacturing for KitchenAid.
KitchenAidThe Artisan Black Tie’s classic design and bold, all–‐black finish represents a modern and sophisticated take on the classic Stand Mixer. Like the little black dress, or classic tuxedo, the new mixer is a timeless collector’s item that will never go out of style.
The limited edition model comes with a 4.8 L black stainless steel bowl, black coated beater and dough hook. All are dishwasher-safe and boast the same robustness as standard models.
We have always been known as pioneers, bringing bright pops of colour into the kitchen, during the past two years, we’ve successfully expanded both our small and major appliances offerings to include a variety of new satin and matte finishes that add elegant, understated accents to existing decor.
The Artisan Black Tie Limited Edition 4.8 L Tilt-Head Stand Mixer is available for purchase from Anglia Factors.
Iconic Fridge
KitchenAidEarlier this year we unveiled our Iconic Fridge, a true and proper design object that rises above fleeting fashion and trends, asserting itself as a timeless icon for every passionate maker who feels the need to express creativity and passion for cooking with unique and distinctive style. Our Iconic Fridge is a freestanding refrigerator that smartly combines innovation and tradition, from its silhouette and exquisite materials to its cutting edge technology.
KitchenAidWe’ve been universally recognized for our revolutionary Stand Mixer, which dictated modernistic style when it was first introduced into homes worldwide in 1919, and now we are reaffirming the importance of distinctive design, but this time in a major appliance. The Iconic Fridge is a fridge with a bold personality that comes in a polished metal chassis available in three colours; Empire Red, Almond Cream and Onyx Black. These three colours have a striking aesthetic impact and offer distinctive style to any type of kitchen and environment. Thanks to its sleek lines, this most iconic fridge of the KitchenAid line perfectly complements any kitchen style, whether a classic living environment or a setting with an industrial feel, such as a modern loft with a metropolitan and high-tech atmosphere.
KitchenAidThe chromed handle and base, just as the colour itself, perfectly match the characteristic lines of the Stand Mixer, expressing a family tie and shared DNA. But our Iconic Fridge is not only about style. It is also imbued with the steadfast values of a brand that guarantees innovation and professional performance. With a net refrigerator capacity of 230 litres and a maximum noise level of 38 decibels, it enhances its reputation as functional right arm in the kitchen. The built-in technology makes it intuitive and easy-to-use and features electronic commands and a LCD touch screen interface. The ProAir system monitors temperature and humidity, ensuring that food stays fresh.
Our Iconic Fridge recounts the history of an innovative brand that guarantees artisan craftsmanship and attention to detail as evidenced by elegance and durability, from the steel door handle to the chrome finish. The characteristic KitchenAid red medallion is a stylistic hallmark that underscores the reliability of our brand and aims to be a sous chef in the kitchen of your home.
Our brand has always been designed and developed appliances that combine unique style with the highest professional performance. The Iconic Fridge is positioned on the market as a “cult” product that freezes time and celebrates passion for food thanks to its unmistakable aesthetic appeal and the exquisite materials that go into its manufacture. Once again, here at KitchenAid we have done our utmost to lend value to the taste and style cultivated by passionate makers by creating a timeless icon that better expresses love for cooking.
What to look out for
We have been so busy this year bringing innovative and exciting products to the UK market and next year doesn’t look to be any different. Topping the list of excitement is our new under counter cooling drawer.
KitchenAidThis is a product that is often asked for by customers and we cannot wait to re-introduce it to the UK market. The Drawer Fridge allows for optimum kitchen worktop space, as it is designed to be integrated under kitchen worktops. It has a 150 Litre capacity, soft closing, two different controlled temperature zones and blends seamlessly with our other Stainless Steel products. With KitchenAid, finding and managing space in your kitchen has never been easier.
Were also pushing the boundaries of induction too. With new total cooking surface induction hobs. These come with Sensor Cooking, Assisted Cooking Methods, Programmed Recipes and a Sous Vide Function which is exclusive to KitchenAid. With Induction growing ever more in popularity – along with those previously mentioned – we will be introducing an induction hob with built extractor fan to ensure the hood is right where you need it to be.
As a final note on what to expect from us in 2018, we have updated our award-winning Dishwashers to ensure we have the latest technology available in all our products, and we have also added a door in door version of our Stainless Steel French Door refrigerator.
We are continually looking to give our customers what they want to ensure they have exactly what they need to make Michelin star food in their own home.

  • What are your customer’s favourite products?

The response to the new Black Stainless Steel range has been much more exciting than we could have imagined. Black is extremely popular in kitchen design currently and our kitchen studios are very excited to create black designs with quality materials. They have been using black appliances from other brands but these are usually created with black glass. To get the texture and look from the stainless steel adds so much depth to kitchen design.

  • How are customers’ needs changing?

KitchenAidWe’re seeing a real trend of the market wanting to create more detailed and higher quality food. With programs such as Bake Off meaning more people are taking up forms of cooking as a hobby, we see customers request professional style machinery in their own home frequently. This is why we ensure all our products have professional functionality and offer both the ability to create restaurant quality food, as well as offer great automatic programs to spark customer’s imagination.

  • What’s your must-have product?

Our Twelix Artisan Oven is a staple in any kitchen. From its soft closing hinges to its included plug in steam accessory, the aesthetics and functionality of this product is one of the best around.