Kitchen storage style with function

kitchen storage
Achieving kitchen storage style with function – making the most of every inch of available space whilst maintaining the sleek, undisturbed style of a modern kitchen is a key concern for many homeowners today, especially as the average footprint of a kitchen reduces and the trend for open-plan living, with its emphasis on clean lines, becomes ever more popular.
The key to maximising every inch of kitchen space is to start at the planning stage. It can be tempting to focus primarily on the look and finish of your kitchen, and whilst this is of course important, looking beyond the aesthetic also allows you to create a space that combines style with function that is tailor made to suit you and your lifestyle.

Clever storage

kitchen storageStorage is one of the most important aspects of making the most of your kitchen space. The key to squeezing the most storage into your kitchen lies in considering not only the width and length of the space, but height and depth too, and there are some ingenious products which allow you to do just that.  These range from adaptable drawer inserts and practical corner storage solutions to narrow panel bottle racks and versatile plinth storage.
Part of the challenge for those planning a new kitchen is the sheer variety of storage options available. That’s why leading furniture fittings and architectural hardware specialists, Häfele, created their Ideas for Living website, to provide practical guidance for those planning their new kitchen, showcasing beautiful, functional products and connecting homeowners with their nearest Häfele Studio Partner, such as Anglia Factors.

Tricky corners

kitchen storageCorners are perhaps some of the trickiest spaces in the kitchen to access, and can often become a place where items are placed and then forgotten about. Installing some pull-out corner units or baskets is a great way of making corner storage more practical, allowing easy access to all areas of the cupboard.

kitchen storageVertical space

To make the most of your vertical space, consider products such as the Vauth Sagel pull-out bottle rack which is designed to fit specifically into the narrow space between kitchen units.  Its clever use of height and depth provides space to fit 16 wine bottle holders and 3 storage trays and its pull -out design ensures that everything is easily reachable.
kitchen storageSimilarly, the full extension swing-out larder by Häfele is designed to maximise kitchen storage in even the smallest of spaces.  The larder, which comes in a range of width fittings, allows you to make the most of narrow spaces by ensuring that height and depth are used to their full potential.   The swing- out design means there are no hard to access areas at the back of the cupboard so every inch of available space can be used to store your groceries.

Drawer organisation

kitchen storageDrawer storage is also key, and a range of solutions exist to make sure this is used to its full potential.  Intelligent drawer runner systems, including the Nova Pro Scala from movement specialists Grass, maximise the use of space on offer like never before. Drawer organisation systems, such as these drawer inserts, can also help you maximise space from the inside.
Reliable, functional storage holds the key to improving the organisation in your kitchen, which in turn both facilitates the modern open plan look, as well as traditional or smaller kitchens, and helps you to use even limited space to its full advantage.