How an inspiration became your Quooker

Inspiration for the QuookerQuooker
The quest for boiling water on demand in our kitchens started in 1970, when Henri “Han” Peteri was an engineer working on the development of instant soup for an international food company.  Han realised that if you had to wait for a kettle to boil, soup could never truly be instant.  So, he began to develop ideas for a tap that could instantly dispense plentiful, genuinely 100°C boiling water on demand. Han left his job, set up a workshop in his cellar and set about making his concept a reality.
QuookerInstant 100°C boiling water – a Quooker world first
After 3 years, Han had indeed developed a prototype tap that delivered 100°C instant boiling water, but it needed development and he had run out of money. But the friends and family who had bought his prototypes were so enthusiastic about the product that they told him they could no longer do without them. So he persevered and, in 1978, Han patented the world’s first tap that delivered instantaneous 100ºC boiling water.
QuookerIt wasn’t until Han’s son, Niels, joined the venture after graduating as a lawyer, that the idea was turned into a fully-fledged project and the Quooker was truly born. Five more years of hard work and development followed until in 1992, the first Quooker Basic went into production. In 1993, Han’s other son, Walter, joined the company and the product was launched commercially. As sales began to increase, the business grew, the range expanded and, in time, Quooker grew into the amazing company that it is today.  Quooker is still the innovative market leader, developing and selling a whole range of products based around the original inspiration of providing genuine 100°C instant boiling water. Forty years on, Quooker designs, develops, patents, manufactures, sells and installs what is, quite simply, the most efficient and reliable boiling water tap available today, and still the only one to guarantee a full 100ºC boiling water, to totally replace the kettle in any kitchen.
Why is Quooker still the best?
Two decades of development went into the first commercially available Quookers and we have never stopped improving and refining them.  Others have tried to imitate the Quooker, but no-one has managed to emulate our patented invention; the original and still the only true 100°C boiling water tap. Others almost boil, but fall a few degrees short. The high-quality materials – such as the surgical quality stainless steel from which we make our tanks – also make our 100°C boiling water taste great; far better than the water from most kettles.
More flexibility
The launch of the Quooker Flex in 2017 made the boiling water tap more versatile than ever. It is the world’s first 100°C boiling water tap to be equipped with a flexible pull-out hose for hot, cold and filtered cold water. This makes it very easy to rinse and clean vegetables or utensils at any point in the sink – even the sink itself. Thanks to a unique boiling water stop, the Flex will not dispense boiling water when the hose is pulled out. It also features an extra childproof double push and turn handle, making it one of the safest appliances in the home.
QuookerWhat this all means for you
Buying a Quooker is a unique experience, as you would expect from a unique product.  Our guarantees and customer service are second to none; from quality manufacture; informative sales through our network of specialist kitchen retailers; and expert installation by our dedicated installation team; to our outstanding aftersales support. Every Quooker tap is based on thoroughly tried and tested technology, but brings you the latest in elegance, style, safety and functionality.  It also brings you the perfect cup of tea, thanks to that unparalleled genuine 100°C boiling water.
We listen to our customers and to kitchen designers, and everything they tell us informs our product development. Quooker has proven, time and again, that the taps that we design, manufacture and sell are quite simply the best, safest and most reliable on the market. Once installed in your kitchen, our Quooker product will rapidly become the appliance you use most; replacing the kettle and saving you valuable time, multiple times each day.  A Quooker helps you to brew the perfect cuppa, to cook, to entertain, and to relax and enjoy your home.
Beloved by professional chefs, TV personalities, talented kitchen designers and thousands of happy Quooker owners, after more than 40 years of heritage in excellence and innovation, there’s still nothing that can hold a candle to the Quooker.