How to create a serene and restful bedroom

9152The world is full of stress. From traffic jams to hectic workloads, you’ll never have to look far for something that raises your blood pressure and tenses your shoulders. Which is why it’s vital to minimise the stress levels in your home.
Nowhere is this more important than in your bedroom. The last room you visit at night, temporarily escape from the world, and re-energise for the next day. If you aren’t getting a good night’s sleep, then everything else will suffer. Life is too short to sleep badly, even if it does feel rather long when you’re eyeing the bedside clock at 3:08am, frustrated that the sandman isn’t visiting.
So here are some tips on creating the bedroom of (and for) your dreams.
Ignore the advice and find the colours that soothe you_K0V1004
Some designers suggest painting your walls pale greys, beiges and whites. Whilst others suggest dark blues and blacks. Different experts suggest calming blues and greens. In short, there are many colours to choose for your bedroom walls, it just depends on which ones soothe you. Maybe you find vivid purples calming. If so, make that the colour of your bedroom. After all, your bedroom is your personal space. Finding those colours that soothe you is a vital start to ensuring you create a relaxing environment.
If you drop into our showroom, you can flick through a colour chart and identify your very own soothing shade.
Bedding in
_K0V0906It goes without saying that you should find the most comfortable and sturdy bed and mattress, but don’t neglect those pillows either. With so many options out there, from firm and rigid neck supports to goose feather, don’t be afraid to test them before you buy. Having the right pillow to rest your head on will make a world of difference to your sleeping pattern. And don’t forget one of life’s great pleasures; fresh bed sheets. Buy good sheets and rotate them on a regular basis.
De-tech and de-clutter
Studies suggest that avoiding those ever present gadgets for an hour before your settle will help you get your head down. Easier said than done in a world full of tablets, televisions and mobile phones, of course. But you can start the fight back against technology by not having that television in the bedroom. And consider using an actual alarm clock as an alarm, and keeping your phone out of reach.
_K0V2878And whilst we’re on the warpath against technology in the bedroom, let’s attack clutter too. An overflowing wardrobe, or a pile of shoes on the floor, doesn’t help create the serene environment you need. So get yourself plenty of storage space. Keep the floors in your bedroom clear. Knowing you don’t need to sort the room out will help relax your mind and lead you to the land of nod that little bit quicker.
Before you invest in a new bedroom, it’s well worth thinking about these points. So take the time to figure out which colours helps you feel serene and calm, what pillow suits you best, and what storage you need to keep your bedroom clear of clutter. And if you need some expert advice and guidance, visit our showroom or call us on +44 (0)1473 610192 and we can discuss the perfect sleeping space for you.