Hot kitchen trends for 2017

New year, new kitchen trends, new kitchen?

You might wonder what kitchen trends have to do with you but did your oven wave the white flag this Christmas? Then it’s finally time to freshen the place up. If you’re planning to replace all those worn appliances or even completely redesign the whole room in 2017, then you’re probably wondering what the kitchen of the very near future might look like.
We don’t have a crystal ball at Anglia Factors, so instead we’ll wipe clean the copper finish on our worktop (yes, industrial-finish worktops and appliances will be continue to be big in 2017) and have a look at some upcoming kitchen design trends to whet your appetite.

Being smart

Your kitchen appliances are about to start thinking for themselves. Kitchen trends include a built-in coffee machine that monitors when you need your coffee most, and then prepares it for you whilst you’re getting dressed for work.

Kitchen trends

Corian charging surface

Also, discreet charging stations for your smartphones and tablets are set to be popular, so no danger of battery power failing just as you’ve downloaded the perfect recipe for dinner.

Mixing up living spaces

The idea of a separate kitchen area is being questioned more and more as modern designers look at how we live our lives. In 2017 we’ll continue to look at ways the kitchen area meets and blends into your living quarters. Hidden and integrated appliances will be key in making this transition smooth and attractive for your home.

Rounding off the new year

Kitchen trends

Rounded cupboards and surfaces

Good news for elbows and hips, as 2017 trends look towards more rounded shapes and curves for worktops edges. Think oval worktops, and think less chance of a bruised or grazed thigh. Who said style couldn’t be comfortable.

Black is the new black

A black colour scheme can make a small area look even smaller. But if you’re working with a reasonable amount of space, then the range of attractive black

Kitchen trends

We’ve done black and white kitchens, but just black?

cabinets and kitchen walls that 2017 kitchen trends has to offer is a great way to make a striking statement. And also create an impressive, contemporary looking space.

Let’s decide together

There are so many different style choices to make when it comes to creating your perfect kitchen, it can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created a free Kitchen Planning Pack, which you can download from This resource-filled pack will help you plan each stage of your dream kitchen design project, so the end result matches your vision.
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