Home IMAX for just £1.8m

Imax_home2We’€™re indebted to the Gadget Website for this news: Whenever high net worth individuals gather, they like to row over who has the best home cinema. Well now there’s a special attack that allows instant victory in such an argument: having an IMAX in your house.

It is pretty hard to trump having a full-on IMAX cinema in your subterranean space. But it can be done: Ideaworks and IMAX have teamed up to offer IMAX Private Theatre to UK dwellers for £1.8 million. The full list of what you get is below, but here’s the summary:

You get dual, commercial-grade 4K projectors, promising 2D and 3D, native and upscaled images of a quality (and size, if you’ve got the space) that’€™s very hard to beat.

You also get the design and installation of a full home theatre with, interestingly, as many seats as you can fit your 1.8 million is flexible here. There’€™s also access to 200 IMAX films of recent vintage with instant access, via the web, to new ones on the day they hit cinemas, via the same Day and Date€ download system used in modern cinemas.

You can also use the system for gaming and standard TV something like Game of Thrones or Netflix’€™s 4K streams should look great, though we’€™re not sure the One Show would look quite as peachy. Quirkier features include the ability to spilt the screen into four separate streams -€“ multiple football matches during the World Cup, for instance – with the option to have both 3D and 2D frames up there simultaneously. Quite why you’€™d want to do that, we don’t know, but it is technically very impressive.

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Image credit: TK Theatres