Have you considered the Neff Slide & Hide oven?

We’ve worked with NEFF for years. Their appliances are reliable and flexible with something for every type of cook. oven range. The Great British Bake Off put their Side & Hide ovens in the spotlight, showing how the unique rotating handle and oven door seamlessly disappear underneath the oven, giving cooks more space to work.

Save space. Remove barriers. Create delicious food!

With the door safely stowed away, not only do you have more space in the kitchen, you can get closer to the oven. Basting, tasting and removing trays is much easier. So what’s stopping you? Get closer to your cooking.

Neff Slide & Hide Ovens come in a variety of ranges to suit your cooking style.

You can add Moisture to your cooking with VarioSteam®. If fresh bread and roast meats are your regular culinary treats of choice, the VarioSteam® added moisture function can help create succulent meat and impressive baguettes.

Tackle tricky spillages with Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning range, where oven residue is simply turned to ash, allowing you to wipe away minimal residue once the oven has cooled. With cleaning temperatures reaching up to 485°C, the oven securely locks until the cycle has ended.

Retain flavor and vitamins with FullSteam, the 100% pure steam oven. It’s a great way to cook fresh vegetables and incorporate healthier eating habits into your diet. Vibrancy is maintained, flavours are intensified and vitamins are nutrients are preserved.

We can incorporate a Neff Slide & Hide Oven into your new Anglia Factors kitchen or simply provide a replacement oven for your existing kitchen. Either way, call us or call in to talk it through with one of our experts.