Get a handle on the final ingredient to a perfect kitchen

After spending so much time deciding on the perfect worktop, cabinet design and material finish for your new kitchen, it’s easy to neglect the small details and finishing touches. So don’t forget to think about the style, design, or even absence, of knobs and handles for your kitchen. Because they could be the secret ingredient to add pizzazz to your finished kitchen.

Something modern

If you’re updating or redesigning your kitchen, you’ll want to check out Häfele’s huge range of luxury handles and knobs, ideal for adding the final flourish that brings your modern kitchen to life. You can go sleek with zinc pull cups and bar handles, or go with stainless steel for a timeless, clean finish.

Rustic brasses and vintage designs

And if you’re looking for something that brings out the rustic, vintage feel of your kitchen design, then brass handles, knobs and even drop handles, for that classic look, could complete the picture.

Blending in

You don’t have to make a statement with your knobs and handles, of course. Perhaps your backsplash already does that. Or maybe your colour scheme speaks for itself. Or the shape and form of your cabinetry merely needs small, discrete knobs and handles that don’t take away from the bigger picture. Finding knobs and handles that match the colour of your cabinets is a great way to help them blend in.

Handleless kitchens

Sometimes, the lack of handles and knobs is the secret to making your kitchen bold, modern and sleek in a way you just can’t get with visible handles and knobs. Handleless kitchens are maintaining their popularity. No handles means a flowing, uncluttered kitchen.

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