Cooking with gas with NEFF Flameselect®hobs

The popularity of cookery programmes like Saturday Kitchen, the Great British Bake Off and endless Nigellas, Jamies, Delias, Ramsay’s and others have made cooking a pleasure and art-form for millions. Getting a good hob is a key element of this for those that love cooking AND those that don’t.

Gas hobs are popular in the home and in professional kitchens because they’re easy to control and quick to respond. And now those clever people at Neff have come up with and even cooler twist on a much loved classic.

NEFF FlameSelect ® gas hobs give you complete control of the flame, with nine precise levels. So, whether searing a steak or boiling pasta, you can set the heat as easily as an electric hob. Keep your eyes on the food not the flame, with Neff gas hobs featuring FlameSelect ®.