Considering a kitchen extension? Here’s where to start

Kitchens are evolving as people’s lifestyles and needs change. For many, it’s no longer merely a place to prepare meals, instead it’s the heart of the house, the hub where guests are entertained, a sanctuary where you can relax and spend quality time with family and friends. Which is great – if you have the room…

And if you don’t? Then worry not, because with us you can incorporate an extension into your kitchen redesign project. And to make it less daunting, we’ve created a FREE kitchen planning pack that will guide you through the project. This handy booklet is full of useful tips and advice on things like budgeting, scheduling work, and getting quotes. It’s the best place to start when thinking about a kitchen extension.

So, what are you going to use all that extra kitchen space for?

Open Plan

Your kitchen doesn’t have to be the room you disappear into whilst guests or family chat or watch TV together in the sitting room. With the right kitchen design, cooking and prepping food can be mixed with socialising. Entertainment, in the form of speakers and TV screens, can be fitted into cabinets. Ideal for keeping youngsters occupied between cake baking sessions, or for playing background music whilst cooking or enjoying supper.

Think about when you use the kitchen most. For example, do you enjoy sharing tea and cakes with your loved ones? Sofas and chairs around a coffee table can create a comfortable, cosy nook.

An Island Paradise

An elegant way to add storage space – and perhaps an informal dining area – a kitchen island can add a touch of luxury to your new kitchen design. And one of the best materials to use for the counter top is Corian. With so many colours to choose from, Corian fits seamlessly into your kitchen design, and we mean that literally as it has no visible joints, giving it a really sleek appearance. As well as being stain resistant, hygienic and durable, it’s also visually striking and long lasting. It’s no surprise that Corian countertops are currently a big trend in kitchen design.

Keeping Warm

With more space comes other considerations. Will wall hanging heaters suit you best? Many luxury kitchen designs now use underfloor heating to keep a larger space evenly heated. This means you’ll be able to create the right temperature for any event, from evening drinks with friends, to early morning winter breakfasts. And none of your guests will be complaining of cold feet!

Keep The Fun Flowing

Kitchens can be hazardous, especially for children. Consider using curved surfaces in your kitchen design. They subtly direct people in a certain direction, and with a little planning can keep kids and adults from getting under your feet at key prep times.

Add Your Signature Style

We’ve recently written about the use of colour in kitchens as well as the recent trend towards copper. The main thing is to plan the space so it fits snugly with your lifestyle and your tastes. You want to end up with a beautiful and practical space that you will thoroughly enjoy for years to come.

Extend Your Dreams

From budgeting to choosing styles, from getting quotes to enjoying that very first meal in your new kitchen, undertaking a kitchen redesign project with an extension is an exciting time. It’s a great opportunity to rediscover and understand what you want from the most important area in your house.

So don’t forget to download your FREE kitchen planning pack, take a look at our Kitchens Gallery for inspiration and be sure to visit our Martlesham showroom and see how we can turn your dream into a kitchen that extends the pleasure you get from your house.