Consider these alternatives to hinges

Luxury kitchen design isn’t just about surface and style. It’s as much about what’s going on beneath, or in this case, behind, the surface. In fact, where traditional hinges might draw attention to themselves for all the wrong reasons, such as a trapped finger, slammed door or irritating squeaking noise, we’ve found a superior alternative. One that could well spend their entire service behind the scenes in your kitchen completely unnoticed, and that’s what makes flaps perfect.

Even the sleekest overhead cabinets can be rendered inhospitable and unfriendly if serious thought isn’t put into how they open and close. Which is where our friends at Häfele slide smoothly into view. Their flap fittings in the ‘Free’ product range is a culmination of over 90-years’ experience. This range adds further flexibility to cabinets of all kinds, with user-friendly functionality and durability as standard. It’s time to say goodbye to hinges, and hello to flaps.

Simple and elegant access

With Häfele flap fittings, opening and closing doors becomes a simple joy thanks to their smooth, silent and soft closing action. The flaps lock into any position, no matter the door size or weight combination, giving you flexibility even in the tightest of spaces.

Folding flaps for height

An innovative split face design enables easy opening of top-level storage panels, allowing you to make the most of your high up storage spaces. Reachable handles offer convenient access, and the assisted opening and soft closing mechanism does the rest of the work. Flaps lock in any position and are designed with your fingers’ safety in mind.

Why choose flaps over hinges?

  • No more banging cupboards or creaking joints. ‘Free’ flaps are silent.
  • Touch opening. Like the look of handleless design? Flaps are the way forward.
  • Space-friendly. Hinges can make accessing higher level storage tricky and even dangerous. Flaps allow doors to be partially opened and prevent them from falling shut on you.
  • Easy to set up. Clip-on mounting means assembly is fast and simple.
  • Flexible in more ways than one. Flaps offer solid support at any angle or weight of door.
  • Less chance of bumping into open doors, trapping fingers or hitting your head on a suddenly closing high cabinet.

Are you feeling the need to get unhinged? Getting into a flap over silent, safe and flexible cabinetry? Then it’s time to check out Anglia Factors’ range of Häfele flaps. Visit our Martlesham Showroom or call us on 01473 610192 for more info.