Check out the Neff TwistPad® Fire hob control

The joy of cooking has no limits with Neff’s FlexInduction hobs with TwistPad® Fire hob control.
Neff’s FlexInduction hobs are designed to respond to your way of cooking. With the TwistPad® Fire hob control, you can react to pans bubbling away quickly and easily. Simply point and twist towards your cooking zone to activate and adjust heat.
TwistPad® Fire hob control works seamlessly with NEFF’s FlexInduction hobs. Enlarged cooking zones the length of the hob mean the whole area becomes your cooking canvas. And that’s the joy of flexible cooking.
• Just point and twist the magnetic dial to desired zone
• Adjust heat accurately and quickly
• Illuminated for convenience and precision
• Removes for quick, easy cleaning
• Sleek, minimalist design
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