Casa de l'Oli talks gourmet oils

At the heart of any great business is passion for the product it creates as well as a commitment to achieving and maintaining the finest quality in this case gourmet oils. Casa de l’Oli is one such company. Based in Southern Catalonia, and in Suffolk, owners Simone and Tim along with their girls are personally involved in bringing their fine products to your table. Casa de l’Oli is a family business, utilizing the skills of family members near and far to help support and promote the oils and other Catalonian gourmet food products that the company is proud to offer.
Tim explains how being completely involved with the growth and production of their olive, creates a special level of quality not easily achieved – “The local Catalan people have taught us a great deal about the traditional ways of successfully cultivating olive trees and how to maintain all the nutrients, flavour, aroma and taste of the olive juice. Our premium olives are crushed within 24 hours after harvest and processed without heat to give a delicious, full flavoured oil, with exquisite taste.” alchemy casa 2
As their customers will attest, Casa de l’Oli’s oils will add instant magic to virtually any meal with a fraction of the effort usually required for such superb flavours. Suitable for sautéing, baking, drizzling or just dipping with bread, there is a flavour that is bound to become a firm staple in your own kitchen.

Examples of seasonal yumminess to try…

  • Warm carrot & ginger soup finished with our Orange oil.
  • Mexican salsa enriched with our Lime Oil.
  • Bacon and mushrooms sautéed in Smoked Garlic Oil.
  • Lemon oil drizzled over fresh steamed asparagus.
  • Spicy falafel and roasted veggie club sandwich with Sun Dried Tomato oil.
  • Chicken Kebabs– Marinade your chicken in our in fiery flavoursome Red Chilli oil, fresh coriander, spring onions and fresh lime juice.
  • Add our Garlic oil to make the perfect Garlic mash!

The company’s new season of oils has just arrived to Suffolk shores along with two new local Catalan Wild Flower Honeys. Simone shared that with each new harvest, there are excited customers waiting to restock on their “must-have” oils, olive mayos and olive pastes. “It is always such a delight to hear how much customers love the oils! It really is a labour of love for us all and our reward is in sharing this passion with other people who declare our oils incomparable!”
The Cake Shop Bakery in Woodbridge produce some beautiful breads but their fresh farmhouse white works beautifully with our Wild Herb oil as a fresh spring starter.
The family pulls together to attend several artisan food and craft events around the region and in London as well as having an online shop and courier-deliver all over the UK. Work has begun on creating a selection of custom recipes, inspired to share the ease of creating mouth-watering, healthy meals with their special oils. Casa de l’Oli’s products are right at home in the finest of kitchens.

Here are some of our best sellers:

  • Smoked Garlic
  • Garlic
  • Lemon
  • Red chilli
  • Basil

Visit Casa de l’Oli to learn more about their process and what makes these oils so special. You can view their wide range of oils and more here

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