Neff Demo – wine in a blender!

Dawn Elsom held the latest in a popular series of informative cookery demonstrations on Saturday. Visitors to our showroom popped in and sat down to samples of food from toasties to roast chicken and were able to ask questions about their Neff appliances. Dawn took a number of questions about Neff’s Circotherm system as customers explored the full extent of its capabilities. It transpired that some users had yet to use their cookers to their full extent, proving that these sessions are not just an opportunity to snack but also learn useful ways to stretch your Neff kit to its full potential.
Adnam’s Andy Baker was also on hand to give a shocking demonstration of how you can save having to open a bottle of wine well in advance of its use by whizzing it up in a blender! Before a stunned audience he proceeded to pour red wine into a smoothie maker and customers who tried it agreed that it was indeed tastier – as if it had been opened 24 hrs in advance. Perfect for those discerning surprise visitors.