Our consultants are highly experienced and qualified – not only in kitchen design, but the design of all the rooms in your home

We use a variety of techniques to take your ideas and turn them into a beautiful and workable design – and then on to a detailed plan. Our team takes the time to really understand what you want. In some cases they will use mood boards, magazines, photos and Pinterest to help validate the design elements that you’re describing. They then use hand-drawing or computer aided design (CAD) to work up the design for approval. These plans and designs give you a really clear idea of how your room will look, so you can be completely confident that you have chosen the right partner for your project.

We specialise in kitchen design, bathroom design and the design of rooms where usability and storage are crucial, like offices, libraries, dressing rooms and laundry rooms. The combination of practical advice, great design and fabulous after-care, makes us a pleasure to work with and gives you fabulous results.