The complete kitchen

Starting from scratch, what would your kitchen have in it? Well to start with a good run of surfaces, if you don’t have anywhere to work all the rest is pointless. Storage. Cabinets. As cabinet makers we would say that – wouldn’t we, but can you imagine a kitchen without cabinets? All that cutlery, crockery, food and drink cluttering the place up and going stale. No. Preparation areas and storage have to be the priorities, followed by refrigeration, cooking and washing. It’s only after those basic needs have been satisfied that we can start on the fancy extras, microwaves, utility rooms, hot taps, sous vide, extraction, tepans, coffee machines, extra sinks, fridges etc.
We produce many kitchens that deal with these basics with style, like this one. Your kitchen is your own, bespoke to you and can be designed and redesigned any number of times by our experts in computer aided design before we build and install it. Pop in and see us, we’re here to help.