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Other Rooms

At Anglia Factors we provide bespoke interiors for customers across Suffolk and East Anglia. Whatever your requirements, we can offer a solution that fits in with your home and enhances and enriches your surroundings.

Home Offices

We have been building and fitting home offices for decades and can create a space that looks good, whilst still offering a professional environment that lets you work in space and comfort. Read More

Home Cinemas

Bespoke interiors don’€™t come much more impressive than a home cinema, which can be a truly amazing addition to your property. We can ensure that your home cinema will be luxurious, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing and, thanks to a range of styles and options, unique to you. Read More

Home Libraries

Keeping your collection of literature in a home library is the ultimate for any book lover. Our expertise in bespoke interiors means we can design, build and fit a beautiful home library that will let you show off all your books in style and where you can read and relax in comfort. Read More

Dressing Rooms

When you consider how much time in a lifetime you spend getting dressed and undressed it’s no surprise that some of our clients ask us to make their dressing rooms special places. Read More

Boot Rooms & Utility Rooms

Our boot rooms and utility rooms help to keep all your outdoor equipment organised and tidy. Read More

Pool Houses

There is a place for cabinet-making, designer lighting, high-quality fitted kitchens and appliances everywhere – including swimming pools. Read More