Pool house

There is a place for cabinet-making, designer lighting, high-quality fitted kitchens and appliances everywhere – including the pool house.

A pool house is a significant investment, often the pride and joy of the home-owner and by definition a big space so, in order to earn its keep, it follows that it should be beautiful, functional and versatile.

So how can you make this jewel even more sparkly? Consider a kitchenette or bar fully equipt with coffee machine, fridge and dishwasher – so you can have breakfast or supper poolside after your swim. This can include full water-resistant audio-visual too!

We have designed and fitted gorgeous entertainment areas next to swimming pools, to enable the fun to continue after the swimming is done and make the pool house a versatile and multi-purpose space.

Not forgetting the shower and steam rooms that we can also design and install, so your pool house is a land of luxury.

It’s making us relax just thinking about it 🙂