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We make all our cabinetry on site from sustainable, locally sourced materials where possible. This gives us greater control over cost, timing and quality. The team skillfully craft all our cabinetry and shelving in the workshops right next to our showroom in Martlesham, just outside Ipswich.

The craftsmen in the workshop are precise and efficient. They know what they need to get things done and they deliver first class results time after time. There is always a cheerful vibe in the workshop and the guys work really well together, communicating clearly with the project team and keeping a beady eye on deadlines. You can always tell when they are under pressure to deliver as the normal hub-bub of laughter and chatter drops into steely silence.

The team in the workshop is fantastic and a valuable and well-respected section of our business. We are lucky to have many skilled workers who pass on their expertise to our apprentices and more junior staff through on the job training and structured training sessions.

We believe that through on the job training, apprentices and junior tradespeople are exposed to a wide range of real-life case studies where they can watch their mentors anticipate, navigate and overcome the unpredictable hurdles that can so easily derail or delay a project. These may come in the form of a unique and complex project brief, working with tricky or scarce materials, access to the site, or the surprising state of the existing wiring and plumbing, to name just a few. In these situations, no matter how good the teaching, the success of each project will hinge on the lead tradesperson’s initiative and ability to adapt quickly and effectively to the situation presented.  It is this ability – a combination of attitude, knowledge and experience – that delights customers, builds your reputation and ensures your future in the industry.