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Pale green kitchen

Pale green kitchen with shelves

This pale green kitchen from 2009 shows the ageless nature of classic design. An interesting roof line - with several Velux roof windows casting pools of...

01/09/2016 Read Article

Cream kitchen with glass-fronted cabinets

A cream kitchen with glass-fronted cabinets gives us an opportunity to focus on proportion. This is a good sized kitchen from 2009. Although not huge...

19/08/2016 Read Article
white, lemon & lime kitchen

White, lemon & lime kitchen

This white, lemon & lime kitchen is a great example of how a dash of colour makes all the difference. You don't need to go heavy on...

16/08/2016 Read Article

Cool white home office

This cool white home office is an exercise in clean efficiency. No distractions here, just flowing white curves and steel. White gives the space a...

11/08/2016 Read Article
Purple kitchen island

Purple kitchen island

A purple kitchen island may not be to everyone's taste but in this kitchen it contrasts with the light grey walls, ceiling and flooring to make...

09/08/2016 Read Article
wood-floored kitchen

Wood-floored kitchen

It's not often you come across a wood-floored kitchen. These days ceramics, porcelain and vinyl have come such a long way in terms of cost...

04/08/2016 Read Article
black & cream kitchen

Black & cream kitchen

Black & cream, black & tan - either way it's a great combination and shown to good effect in this black & cream kitchen. A...

20/07/2016 Read Article
brick & white kitchen

Brick & White Kitchen

What a delight this brick & white kitchen is. As Kevin Moore pointed out in a recent blog, more and more of us are creating...

12/07/2016 Read Article

Light blue kitchen with diamonds

This light blue kitchen reflects the popularity of blue we are seeing from clients. As we have remarked in recent blogs that there has been...

06/07/2016 Read Article
plum kitchen

Plum kitchen

This plum kitchen is a great example of it's type. We have often commented about strong tones in a kitchen and this recent project is a...

27/05/2016 Read Article
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