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Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

This modern farmhouse kitchen is a great example of a trend towards the rustic feel in a modern context. Beautiful oak in the doors and...

17/11/2017 Read Article
powder blue

Powder Blue kitchen

This hand-painted, powder blue, shaker style kitchen reflects the growing trend to push kitchens out into the garden or outside space. This project, which also...

09/11/2017 Read Article

Indoor-outdoor L shaped kitchen

This modern, deluxe, indoor-outdoor L shaped kitchen is another testament to the trend towards kitchens becoming large recreational spaces often linking with the garden. In...

26/09/2017 Read Article
compact kitchen

Complete, compact kitchen

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes and here we have a complete, compact kitchen with all you need on three walls. This hand-painted delight in...

30/08/2017 Read Article
light green

Light green & walnut kitchen

This light green kitchen has a number of features not least the wood units which are walnut veneer with a hand-polished gloss finish which give an...

27/07/2017 Read Article
Light wood

Light blue spacious kitchen

This light blue project is a bright, roomy handmade kitchen in contemporary style that faces the garden through large glass sliding doors. Many of our projects...

10/07/2017 Read Article

Primrose kitchen

This primrose kitchen sets a standard in charming understatement. While it has all the facilities and space you would need it sets them in a...

03/07/2017 Read Article

A bathroom with élan

Èlan, élan = energy, style, and enthusiasm. This bathroom has it all. The energy that comes with a bright, clean and modern feel, the style from...

30/05/2017 Read Article
home cinema

Sophisticated home cinema

This home cinema installed by Joseph Read cleverly combines the best in modern sound and vision technology with comfort and interior design. What looks an...

03/05/2017 Read Article

Utility to kitchen

This project was a few years ago now but involved turning a former utility room into a kitchen. Such projects have become more commonplace as...

17/04/2017 Read Article
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