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Interior design inspiration

knobs and handles

Get a handle on the final ingredient to a perfect kitchen

After spending so much time deciding on the perfect worktop, cabinet design and material finish for your new kitchen, it’s easy to neglect the small...

20/03/2018 Read Article
Copper in Kitchens

Why copper is the metal of the moment

Whilst copper is most certainly the metal of the moment in kitchen design trends, its natural beauty, and practical characteristics are timeless. So why use...

19/02/2018 Read Article

Mylands – Autumn/Winter colours for bespoke interiors

Anglia Factors is an agent for Mylands paint and we have used it on a number of our bespoke, hand-crafted kitchens and interiors over the...

11/10/2016 Read Article
utility room

The Utility Room

The utility room has evolved to reflect the growing size and versatility of kitchens. The increased stature of the kitchen as a social space in...

06/09/2016 Read Article
Dressing rooms

Dressing Rooms

Dressing rooms or walk-in wardrobes are the stuff of Hollywood films and stays in posh hotels. So it’s no surprise that we are seeing more...

10/08/2016 Read Article

Home Office Colour Schemes

Home Office Colour Schemes are a new phenomenon for most people, a little like deciding where to position your satellite dish or park your second...

29/07/2016 Read Article
kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting

We spoke to Kevin Moore, owner of Joseph Read Lighting, about trends in kitchen lighting What trends had he noticed over recent years? “We’ve noticed...

15/06/2016 Read Article
vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring has style

Vinyl flooring is often overlooked in all the chatter about natural stone, wood and ceramic flooring. However it is a serious contender. It is also...

01/06/2016 Read Article
curved cabinets

Curved cabinets in vogue

Curved cabinets Curved cabinets and drawers were much in evidence at Eurocucina in Milan last month and we show here a few that we photographed...

26/05/2016 Read Article
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