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Bedroom inspiration

Design Trends

Design Trends: Go bold in the bedroom and bathroom

Your bathroom and your bedroom are both used every single day. And yet, most people view them as just functional, practical components of everyday life....

19/06/2018 Read Article
dream bedroom

Want a dream bedroom? Try these luxury ideas

On average, you spend around eight hours asleep in your bedroom each night. It’s the place you prepare yourself for the day, unwind in the...

22/05/2018 Read Article
Wool bedding

Do you struggle to sleep? Wool bedding could be the answer

Research shows wool bedding can relieve numerous sleep problems to provide a more refreshing and comfortable night’s sleep. The Woolroom’s Bob Wilden explains how he came...

12/02/2018 Read Article
Retire in luxury

Retire in luxury with these home improvement ideas

Retirement brings a new importance to your home. And with more time on your hands for projects and plans (and of course a little well deserved...

22/01/2018 Read Article

When should you change your bed?

  When should you change your bed? All the research agrees that getting a good night’s sleep is vital to our health and well-being. The...

08/04/2016 Read Article

Stylish comfort by the sea

One of our most satisfying projects was to upgrade the stylish bedrooms and some public areas at the Wentworth Hotel and Restaurant in Aldeburgh on...

11/03/2016 Read Article

Warm white and wood

This warm white & wood kitchen links with wood throughout the house. We have featured projects previously in this blog where clients have created a theme...

11/02/2016 Read Article
Wood Bedroom

How to create a serene and restful bedroom

The world is full of stress. From traffic jams to hectic workloads, you’ll never have to look far for something that raises your blood pressure...

11/01/2016 Read Article

We don’t stop at bespoke kitchens

It's a dilemma when you specialise in bespoke kitchens, excelling in design, manufacture and fitting BUT also supply excellent dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, libraries, cinemas,...

07/01/2016 Read Article

How to fluff up an empty nest

When the kids go to university, an empty nest can be an emotional time. It doesn’t seem that long since you taught them to ride...

03/12/2015 Read Article
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