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At home with a Range

Think family, cooking and a kitchen that really is the hub of the home and a range cooker, like Rangemaster automatically springs to mind. Rangemaster...

17/07/2017 Read Article
Neff pan promotion

Neff pan promotion

This Neff pan promotion is offering Anglia Factors customers a complimentary set of pans when they purchase a NEFF induction hob. Available from 1st January until...

15/02/2017 Read Article

The Hadleigh Ram has a fresh new Chef

The Hadleigh Ram is a bar & restaurant, part of Stuart Inns - a group founded by young entrepreneurs; Lorna, Oliver & Iain Macmillan. They...

30/08/2016 Read Article

Milan cupboard developments

Cupboard developments were another trend we spotted in Milan at Eurocucina recently where greater emphasis was being placed on ease of accessibility using rolling fittings for...

20/05/2016 Read Article

Kitchen design tips

Here’s a kitchen design question: What do you do in the kitchen? Do you eat in the same room you prepare the food? Do you...

11/05/2016 Read Article

Hidden induction hob

Another quite startling innovation from our trip to Eurocucina Milan - a hidden induction hob under a ceramic surface. We believe the induction hob to...

05/05/2016 Read Article
Kitchen budget

What to look for in your new hob

For lots of us, the kitchen is the hub of the home… or should that be hob? We can spend hours at our kitchen hob,...

19/04/2016 Read Article

Rolling Neff Demonstration Sat 7 May

We are delighted to be hosting a rolling cooking demonstration using the latest Neff appliances on Saturday 7th May between 10am and 4pm. The event...

13/04/2016 Read Article
Kitchen Budget

Cooker Hoods – how to choose the best for your kitchen

Ask any chef or foodie about cooker hoods, and they’ll tell you that good cuisine incorporates all the senses. And the very first is smell,...

11/04/2016 Read Article

“US not ready for sous vide yet”

Interesting American video claiming that Europe is ahead of the US when it comes to the subtleties of sous vide cooking. The video claims that...

31/03/2016 Read Article
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